Parliament Watch
Parliament Watch is one of the integral programs run by FEFA that aims to represent a parliament with the openness to public,
transparent functions and accountable by providing accurate, objective and current reports
on all activities of Afghanistan's parliament.

Bills & Agreements in the 12th Session Location
(Lower / Upper House / Commission)
National budget for the year 1396 i.e. (2017). Lower House Approved
The law on anti violence against women. Commission: Women Affairs Pending
The law on anti-narcotics, intoxicants. Commission: Health & anti-narcotics In Progress
The draft-law on usage of the term martyr for war dead. Lower House Approved
The law in support of local industries Upper House Approved
Law in support of innovators. Upper House Approved
Anti disturbance law against women and children. Upper House Approved
Tripartite agreement on transportation of energy. Upper House Approved
Cooperation agreement between Afghanistan and Tajikistan foreign affairs ministries. Lower House Approved
SAARC agreement on cooperation of energy. Upper House Approved
Chabahar Agreement. Upper House Approved
Long term cooperation agreement between Afghanistan and Croatia. Upper House Approved
The law for Passport. Upper House Approved
Protocol on creating a communication system between Afghan border police & China's department of border control. Upper House Approved
Annex number 4 & 5 of criminal law. Upper House Approved
The draft-law on supporting the informers of anti-corruption and other crimes. Lower House Pending
The law on overseeing the implementation of anti-corruption strategy. Commission: Judiciary In Progress
Legislative decree of the president of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan on suspension of some articles of the law on private investment. Lower House Rejected
The draft on amendment of the Internal Rules of Procedure of Meshrano Jirga. Commission: Legislative commission Approved
Agreement on giving loan between government of Italy and Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. Commision: International Relation Approved